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Here at Vanguard we believe that one size does not fit all, so we offer you different levels and types of Inspection Services designed to meet your specific needs; some of our offerings are unique to the inspection industry as a whole, you won't find them anywhere else and all inspections are performed by Certified Professional Inspectors.

Here is a list (below) of our offerings, with some general price ranges to give you a rough idea on what to expect. Pricing varies broadly depending on property style, size, amenities and services desired so please contact us and we'll be happy to quote you on your specific needs.

  • Full Service 19 Point Home Inspection --

    Our most requested, and comprehensive, home & condo inspection offering - Perfect for the first time buyer or for someone who wants a complete and full blown inspection of their property. Including an indepth 20-40 page written report (depending on the property) that is chock full of pictures, illustrations, comments and advice. Our 19 Point Inspection typically takes 2-3 hours, sometimes longer if there are many items of concern uncovered, and the report is delivered via email in a PDF format so that you can read and print at your leisure.

    Covering structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing, heating, cooling, flashing, insulation, entry, ventilation systems and more - You will leave the inspection with a complete and clear understanding of your new home and it's working systems as we leave virtually no stone unturned. Inspection fees typically run between $149 to $499 for the majority of homes and condos.
    Call for specific pricing for your property, we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at the thoroughness of the inspection and the value you will receive.

  • 3-Point inspection --

    The smart choice for many investors, who already know they will be making changes to a property they're buying but want to make sure a couple of the "major" systems are working as designed so their investment may be better calculated. Fees run between $75 to $150 depending on which three systems are inspected and the size of the house or condo.

  • Second Opinion Inspection --

    Primarily designed for sellers though buyers can take advantage of this unique offering too. If you've ever tried to get a contractor out to reinspect and/or fix something in a timely manner you'll appreciate this "Second Opinion" program. For example, a house has been inspected by another person/company and there are questions to the validity of the findings -
    Call Vanguard out there to confirm whether the issues called out are accurate or not, before losing lots of time trying to arrange a plethora of different trades people to come out to the property. Sales contracts typically have very short timeframes so there is no time to waste, Vanguard's Certified Professional Inspectors can be out there lickety-split to help move things along to completion. Fees are typically between $25 to $50 per item needing a second opinion, and lead times are usually less than 48 hours to get your opinion(s) rendered.

  • Radon Screening --

    EPA, as well as the great state of Tennessee strongly recommend that every house have a Radon screening. Fees run between $75 (most houses and condos under 2,000 sqft) up to $150 for larger homes requiring more equipment. Click here to view a TN Radon Map.

  • Water, Well & Septic Testing --

    We offer a full compliment of well, septic and water quality testing. Fees vary with the testing required and circumstances (i.e. septic access/digging).
    Call for details.

We are always adding more services. If you need something and don't see it listed here please don't hesitate to
contact us and ask.

We look forward to serving your inspection needs.


Al Napier - CPI, IAC2
Vanguard Home Inspection

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